Mission to Japan

Richard and Renae OueMeet the Richard and Renae Oue Family!

Richard and Renae Oue, members of our church family, are Southern Baptist missionaries serving in Japan and working in Central and Southern Tokyo.  They have been career IMB missionaries there since 1999. They have 4 handsome sons: Caleb, Stephen, Timothy and Joshua.

Richard is the TSL (Team Strategy Leader) for the CaST (Central and Southern Tokyo) Team of IMB personnel working in central Tokyo, Kawasaki, Yokohama, and other suburban areas in the southern portion of Greater Tokyo.  The CaST Team ministers to young families, business people, students, the elderly, blue collar workers, and the homeless and other hurting/disenfranchised members of Japanese society.  In addition to his TSL role, Richard’s personal ministry involves working with business people in the marketplaces of Tokyo through a ministry called Tokyo Metro Community, a joint, church-planting endeavor with Japan Campus Crusade for Christ.  He also works some with professional baseball players through Baseball Chapel.  Renae home schools their boys in English and is heavily involved in ministry in their neighborhood and community through Caleb’s Japanese elementary school, Stephen’s Japanese kindergarten, and various other activities in which she and the children are involved.

Richard and Renae hail from our wonderful state of GA, and both are UGA graduates, former Redcoat Marching Band members (where they first met) and avid Bulldog fans!  All four of their boys were born in Tokyo, but Mommy and Daddy are working hard to instill in them their Georgia roots and hope they will grow up to become upstanding Bulldogs themselves one day, or at least not Yellow Jackets, and most definitely not Gators!   Before becoming missionaries, Richard worked in manufacturing, Japanese interpretation, and international business consulting, and Renae worked as a bank teller supervisor.  Richard received his seminary degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, TX.

Richard enjoys traveling (Did we mention he is a missionary kid from Japan?), music, movies, reading, and especially gourmet eating! Renae is a very talented photographer who also enjoys reading, traveling, running, biking, hiking, and anything else she can do outdoors.  The Oue’s food palate is a varied one. They especially enjoy Italian, Thai, Indian, Chinese, Korean, and Mexican. As for Japanese food? Sushi, noodles, curry rice and sukiyaki top their list as favorites . American food? They love it all but would have to say that Chick-Fil-A and Sprayberry’s BBQ in Newnan, Ga. are the best.  Richard wins the prize for strangest food ever eaten. He said he has actually had calf-brains and eyeballs! Yuck!

The Oue’s ask that you join them in praying for God’s guidance as they continually seek more effective and reproducible ways to share the gospel among the 34 million people living and working in Greater Tokyo.  Please pray with them that through abundant gospel sowing a great harvest would come of Japanese turning to faith in Jesus Christ; and, that many new churches would spring up throughout that sprawling urban mega-center.  Their greatest personal prayer concern is for the spiritual and educational needs of their children. Please pray that the Lord will show them how to best educate their boys and nurture them to grow as faithful followers of Jesus in an environment that is 99.5% non-Christian.
The Oue’s have hosted several mission teams from First Baptist, including a prayerwalking team and our youth choir.  They would love to partner with others from our church family, too–   a church-wide group, a Sunday school class, or some other ministry of FBCN!  If you would like to investigate the possibilities for direct, personal involvement in ministry on the streets of Tokyo, please contact Mike Emeott at the church office.