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Impact Schedule 2014

Road Signs

road-signsIf you set your course in the wrong direction, you’ll end up in the wrong place every time. No matter where you hope to end up, the road you choose matters. The book of Proverbs gives us wisdom to help navigate the choices of life, because we know that each choice determines the direction of our lives. And it’s our direction, not our intention that ultimately determines our destination. Where are you heading? What path are you on?

March 12thOne Way
Bottom Line: Your direction, not your intention, determines your destination.

You can’t get to the south beach by driving north, and you can’t get to the top of a mountain if you are walking down it. Why? It’s because our direction always determines our destination

March 19th –Caution
Bottom Line: When you see a warning sign, turn around.   

When we’re behind the wheel, most of us stop if we see a street sign that says “danger” or “dead end.” We put ourselves on alert if we see a “caution” sign. But when it comes to our daily lives and the choices we face, sometimes we ignore the warning signs completely.

March 26thYield
Bottom Line: Divine direction begins with surrender.
Everyone makes stupid choices—even smart people. Why? Because we’ve all had moments when we know the right thing to do, we have the right information, and we ignore it. It’s not just about knowing the right choice, it’s about actually taking that first step. It’s the difference between knowing the right choice and trusting that the choice will lead you to a better path

April 2 – Rest Stop
Bottom Line: When you give something your attention, you move in that direction.  
Have you ever been walking down the street, deep in thought, but oblivious to what was going on around you—that is until you snapped out of it and realized that you passed your destination two blocks ago? Your attention was elsewhere. Your mind wasn’t focused on where you were going. The reality is this: what you give your attention to determines both your focus and direction

What You See Is What You Get

what-you-seeJesus seemed to make it pretty simple when it comes to what following Him would be all about: love God and love others as you love yourself. But this simple command gets a lot more complicated when we don’t see God, ourselves and others as we should. When we don’t see rightly, we don’t live rightly. So, how do we fix our broken view? How do we start living in a way that reflects Jesus’ intensions for our lives, and see the world the way we should? What we see is what we get. So, how do we see the right way?

April 16thSimple
Bottom Line: God is a loving Father. 
We all have a picture of who God is. And whether it’s positive or negative, the way we see God often shapes the way we experience Him—and most especially the way we relate to His greatest commandment: to love Him with all our heart. So how do we change our view? How do we start to see God the right way so we can begin to love Him, as He first loved us?

April 23rd - Famous
Bottom Line: I matter because God says I matter.
Every one of us wants to know the answer to this question: Do I matter? We look for it from our friends, our parents, social media and sometimes even from strangers. But what happens when we choose to stop looking at everyone else to tell us that we matter and start looking to the One who calls us His own? Because if we’re going to get the second part of the greatest commandment right, we’ve got to begin seeing ourselves as God sees us.

April 30thThe Side of the Road
Bottom Line: Stop asking what can they do for me? and start asking what can I do for them?

If we were honest, I think many of us would admit that we tend to see ourselves as the center of the universe. We see people in light of what they can do for us, instead of what we can do for them. But in the Great Commandment, Jesus makes it clear that our call as Christians is to love our neighbor. So, who is our neighbor? And, how do we love them? Thankfully, Jesus doesn’t just tell us what to do, He tells us what this looks like.


unlikelyGod doesn’t exactly operate like most of us. What we mean is, He chooses the most unlikely people to work through. He shows up in the most unlikely places. And then He asks us to respond in ways that are unlikely and go against our normal response. And what it all boils down to is this, you and I are unlikely people God uses in unlikely places to respond in unlikely ways.

May 7th – An Unlikely Person
Bottom Line: God’s not attracted to your abilities, or distracted by your inabilities.

May 14th – An Unlikely Place
Bottom Line: God uses unlikely people in unlikely places to do something extra-ordinary.

May 21st – An Unlikely Response
Bottom Line: God asks unlikely people in unlikely circumstances and places to respond in unlikely ways.