Infants & Preschool

preschoolThe preschool years are filled with astounding growth and rapid development. This development was created by God. Children between birth and six years learn over half of all they will learn in life during these formative years. The Preschool Ministry of First Baptist Newnan is dedicated to teach Bible truths in all of our programming. We understand that preschoolers learn through relationships and play. Sunday School provides one of the best times for our young children to learn and interact with other children their age. Age graded Sunday School is available from 9:40 to 10:40 a.m.. Every time young children come to First Baptist they are taught from the Bible. The smallest babies hear the comforting words, “Jesus Loves You.” We have opportunities to share Bible songs, verses, stories, pictures, and age-appropriate activities with young children to make Bible learning fun and exciting. Each Sunday following Sunday School, preschoolers remain in their classrooms to worship together for an Extended Session during the 10:50 Adult Worship Service.

Photo Gallery

PreSchool Sunday School Pictures

Preschool Classes and Teachers

Nursery Coordinator:Allison Christopher
Preschool Sunday School Director:Felicia Hand
Infants:Guilford Brewer, Allison and Chris Christopher
Creepers:Marcia Cook and Carol Wortham
Toddlers: Rachel Mohler and Dot Gordon
2 Year Olds:Charles Gordon, Linda Hall and Mary John Thomas
3 Year Olds:Cyndy Truitt and Kathy Brown
4Year Class:Cathy Emeott and Susie Tollerson
Kindergarten Linda Brass and Beverly Szalankiewicz
Permanent Substitute:Deborah Lane