Family Bible Studies

Children are such a beautiful blessing from the Lord! Jesus tells us throughout the New Testament to “bring the children unto me”. It is our desire that these notes will assist you as share the word of our Father with your precious children with our Family Bible Studies!

3 year old, PreK,Kindergarten and 1st Grade

The Gospel Project

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Unit 1-In the Beginning

Aug. 10-God Created the World

Aug.17-Sin Entered the World

Aug. 24-Noah and the Ark

Aug. 31-The Tower of Babel

Sept. 7-Job

Unit 2-God’s Covenant with People

Sept. 14-God’s Covenant with Abraham

Sept. 21-The Sons of Abraham

Sept. 28-God Tested Abraham

Unit 3-The Covenant Renewed

Oct. 5-The Promise Reaffirmed

Oct. 12-The Stolen Blessing

Oct. 19-Jacob’s New Name

Oct. 26-Joseph Sent to Egypt

Nov. 2-Josheph’s Dreams Came True

Unit 5-God Formed His Nation

Nov. 9-Moses Was Born and Called

Nov. 16-Moses Confronted Pharoah

Nov. 23-The Passover

Nov. 30-The Israelites Crossed the Red Sea

Unit 4-Christmas

Dec. 7-Angels Spoke to Mary and Joseph

Dec. 14-Jesus Was Born

Dec. 21-Wise Men Visited Jesus

Dec. 28-Christmas Review

Unit 6-The Wilderness

Jan. 4-God Gave the Ten Commandments

Jan. 11-The Tabernacle Was Built

Jan. 18-God Gave Rules for Sacrifice

Jan. 25-Joshua and Caleb

Feb. 1-The Bronze Snake

Feb. 8-Balaam

Unit 8-Joshua

Feb. 15-The Israelites Crossed the Jordan River

Feb. 22-The Conquest of Jericho

March 1-Achan Sinned

March 8-The Defeat of Ai

March 15-The Day the Sun Stood Still

March 22-Joshua’s Final Encouragement

Unit 7-Easter

March 29-Jesus’ Triumphal Entry

April 5-Jesus’ Crucifixion and Resurrection

April 12-Jesus Appeared to Many People

Unit 9-The Judges

April 19-The First Judges

April 26-Deborah and Barak

May 3-Gideon

May 10-Samson

Unit 10-Hints of Christ

May 17-Ruth and Boaz

May 24-Eli and Boy Samuel

May 31-The Ark Was Captured


2nd – 5th Graders

The Gospel Project

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Unit 10-Hints of Christ

Sept.7-Ruth and Boaz

Sept. 14-Eli and Boy Samuel

Sept. 21-The Ark was Captured

Unit 11-Saul and David

Sept. 28-Israel Demanded a King

Oct.5-God Rejected Saul as King

Oct. 12-David was Anointed and Fought Goliath

Oct. 19-David and Jonathan Became Friends

Oct. 26-God Made a Covenant with David

Nov. 2-David Sinned and was Restore

Unit 12-A Kingdom in Trouble

Nov 9-Solomon Asked for Wisdom

Nov. 16-Solomon Built the Temple

Nov. 23-Solomon’s Sin Divided the Kingdom

Nov. 30-Poetry and Wisdom

Unit 16-Christmas Lessons

Dec. 7- Angels spoke to Mary and Joseph

Dec. 14-Jesus was born

Dec. 21-Jesus was dedicated

Dec. 28-Christmas Review

Unit 13-Israel, The Northern Kingdom

Jan.4-Israel’s History of Evil Kings

Jan. 11-Elijah Confronted Evil Ahab

Jan. 18-Elijah Ran from Jezebel

Jan. 25-Elisha and Naaman

Feb. 1-The Northern Kingdom Was Destroyed

Unit 14-Great Prohets

Feb. 8-Amos, Prophet to Israel

Feb. 15-Hosea, Prophet to Israel

Feb. 22-Jonah, Prophet to Nineveh

Mar. 1-Joel, Prophet to Judah

Unit 15-Isaiah, Prophet to Judah

Mar. 8-God Called Isaiah

Mar. 15- Isaiah Confronted Ahaz

Mar. 22-Hezekiah, Judah’s Faithful King

Unit 20-Easter Lessons

Mar. 29-Easter-The Triumphal Entry

April 5-Easter-Jesus Crucifixion  and Resurrection

April 12-Easter-Jesus Appeared to the Disciples

Continuation of Unit 15

April 19- Isaiah Preached About the Messiah

Unit 17-Judah, the Southern Kingdom

April 26-Micah, Prophet to Judah

May 3-Josiah’s Reforms

May 10-Zephaniah, Prophet to Judah

May 17-Habakkuk, Prophet to Judah

May 24-Nahum, Prophet to Nineveh

Unit 18-The Exile Began

*May 31-God Called Jeremiah