Day 2 – Jamaica

We all were pushed to another level when we visited the disabled childrens home. After an hour drive into the mountains we were met eagerly by some of the 40 residents of the home. All were abandoned and severely physically and or mentally handicapped. Most had to be fed and our kids jumped right in and fed, played, danced, did nails and pushed wheel chairs all afternoon.

We all felt the Holy Spirit there with us as we were blessed beyond belief. Smiles were endless and what we thought to be our troubles dissolved. Truly a life changing experience.

The day however started with a trip to public school speaking to 250 5th graders…  Alex, Aaron, and Byrom gave testimony.  Tonight we visited the Boys and Girls Club of Montego Bay , hung out and Lainie, Jake, and Andrew shared.

 Tomorrow we play….. Dunns River falls & Glistening Waters then back to schools and an orphanage on Thursday Keep Praying